Bowlarama - Youth Program

Youth Program

youth pic1BENEFITS
• Fun and friendly environment
• Professional coaching
• Physical fitness (burn appr. 100 cal/hr)
• Meet new friends
• Learn about sportsmanship
• Enhance team skills
• Personal achievements
• Helps with math skills
• Tax deductible receipts
• Healthy competition and much more...

Program runs on Saturday mornings. Check your Bowlarama location for specific times.        
Ages 4-6:   Bowl 2 Full Strings        Ages 7-18: Bowl 3 Full Strings       

youth pic2PARENTS Program runs on Saturday mornings. Check your Bowlarama location for specific times.         

Proof of Age must be shown by Medical Card or Birth Certificate. Join our Bowlarama Newsletter Club to receive SPECIAL PROMOS & OFFERS!


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*Terms & Conditions
• Term membership is September - April.
• Practice time is Open Bowling ONLY.
• Must be 4 - 18 years old to participate.
• Memberships cannot be combined with tournaments, specials and group events.
• Your membership card is the property of Bowlarama and cannot be transferred to
   another person without the expressed consent of Bowlarama.
• Bowlarama reserves the right to revoke membership at any time without refund
   for any violation of its terms and conditions,
   location rules & regulations, or any other
   reason it deems necessary.
• Bowlarama reserves the right to make any
   changes to its operations, hours, and
   facilities available under this agreement
   without notice.
• Memberships cancelled before year's
   end must pay their cancellation fee
   before being eligible for renewal.
• Proof of ID and/or request to sign in may
   be required at some Bowlarama locations.

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